Viagra Buy Online

It’s not a secret for anyone that erectile dysfunction is one hell of a widespread health disorder affecting nearly 100% of mature men at a certain point in their lives. Some notice the first symptoms of it when they are in their twenties, some are lucky enough to march rock-hard into their late fifties. Still, sooner or later 99% of guys end up wondering where their sex drive, performance and stamina have gone. The only real option you have in a situation like this is resorting to the help of men’s men. Now that Viagra is the unrivaled leader of the global market of ED meds with a share of over 45%, it’s most likely that you will end up trying this medication.

And the best part is that Viagra is very likely to put your sexual problems to an end. It is a very potent medication with stunning efficiency rate of 84%. If you take it right, it’s more than just likely to turn you into the stud you used to be when you were younger. But be ready to face some of this med’s disadvantages too – the most noticeable of them being the fact that it really costs a fortune in most countries of the world. Well, it is pricey indeed – but what we will be talking about in today’s article is exactly the solution for this problem. You want to know how to save on Viagra? We will teach you how to buy Viagra online, that is the answer! And hey, don’t think that it’s as easy as typing ‘Viagra buy online’ into the Google search bar and then getting your pills from the first online pharmacy from the list. If you want to get your blue pills at the best price and, even more importantly, without risking your precious health, you just have to take a look through the guidelines we’re offering here. Don’t hesitate to spend a few moments reading this – it’s worth it, we promise.

Pros of buying Viagra online:

Wondering why you should buy Viagra online at all? Okay with your current routine that requires regular visits to your doctor in order to get and renew your prescription? Well, looks like you don’t really know what you’re missing. Read on – there’s more to ordering Viagra over the Internet than meets the eye.

First and foremost, you get to save money – and a lot of it, for sure. How much are you paying for Viagra now? Probably around $30 a pill if you are based in the United States, right? Well, here’s some good news for you: simply by switching to shopping for Viagra online in one of the neighboring countries, such as Canada or Mexico, you can bring your costs down by up to 65%! Yeah, you got it right – top-quality brand-name Viagra that you’re used to sells this cheap to the north and to the south of the border! How come? Well, thanks to centralized healthcare systems, Canadian and Mexican governments can negotiate the prices of different medications with their manufacturers – something that is barely possible in the market economy of the United States where pharmaceutical moguls are literally charging as high for their products as regular people can afford!

Hey, and that’s how much you can save by ordering brand-name Viagra from the nearest countries. If you look at more remote countries or consider buying generic sildenafil, which is basically an equivalent of Viagra, though available under different brand names, you will be able to save even more! Believe it or not but generic Viagra currently sells online for $1 to $5 a pill and it’s the same powerful and very safe stuff! Told you shopping online was an amazing thing!

Besides, just think about all the time you will be saving if you switch to buying Viagra online. You will be able to fill in your prescriptions and place your orders over the Internet and come pick them up when they are ready and waiting for you already. Even more, there are lots of Internet-based pharmacies that allow you to skip the prescription hassle for good. See, in some countries Viagra and its sildenafil-based generics are sold over the counter, so… If you buy from an international Internet drugstore based in one of those countries, there won’t be any need for you to worry about the papers. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?
And the last, though definitely not the least. Don’t know about you but most men surely don’t enjoy the whole process of shopping for Viagra the usual way. First you gotta go to your doctor and tell him (or, even worse, her) about the problems you’re experiencing in bed. Then you spend some more time on tests and consulting. Finally, you are to do that much feared walk of shame to the nearest pharmacy and swap your prescription for blue pills, in front of the pharmacist and all of the people who happen to be in the drugstore at the moment you visit it… That’s a nightmare come true, really! But remember about the privacy that online shopping gives to you. Your data is processed by some stranger on the other side of the globe and… That’s it, no one else is going to know you’re shopping for Viagra. All online pharmacies send their stuff out in discreet packaging, so even the delivery people and your neighbors or roommates will have no idea. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Cons of buying Viagra online

However, not everything is as bright as it seems to be from the first sight. Unfortunately, there are downsides to buying Viagra over the Web as well – and we will cover all of them in this part of our article. Read on if you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes that many other first-time online buyers make all the time.

The main mistake of men buying Viagra online for the first time ever is simple: they just go on Google, look for something like ‘Viagra buy online’ and proceed to make the purchase at the very first site they run into. Don’t do that! First of all, that’s exactly how you end up overpaying. Second, that’s how you end up getting scammed too. Believe it or not but the World Wide Web is still full of all kinds of crooks and fake sites that take away your money without giving you anything in return. Plus, if you don’t do your shopping the right way, you risk purchasing dangerous counterfeit meds instead of brand-name Viagra or even good-quality generics. In one of the following paragraphs we will show you how to buy Viagra online the smart way in more detail. Just remember one simple thing for now: don’t buy before you get to look at a few different sites and figure out, which ones of them have got the best deals and are reliable enough.

The next thing that might possibly mar your online Viagra shopping experience applies only to those residing in the US. If you want to get a few blue pills off the Internet, you will have two major problems. First, if you decide to go for brand-name Viagra from a local US-based pharmacy, you probably won’t be that impressed by the whole experience as it’s not much more convenient than doing your shopping the mainstream way. You will have to go to your doctor for a prescription, then you will be allowed to place your order online and when it’s ready to be collected… You will have to go all the way to the drugstore and collect it in person, presenting the original prescription to the pharmacist. There is a way to get Viagra with home delivery but there’s only one option – it’s buying from Viagra’s official site. The shop is powered by CVS and, therefore, is anything but cheap but… If you’ve got a good health insurance or are okay with paying a little extra to ensure your privacy and comfort, then just go ahead!

On the other hand, if you decide to order the pill the hassle-free and cheap way, which involves getting it prescription-free from one of foreign online pharmacies, there will be another problem for you to cope with. See, importing or re-importing controlled substances into the States is considered to be illegal. And even though there has never been even a single person prosecuted for it, there are a couple of rules you need to follow at all times if you don’t want your Viagra package from abroad to be held up at the customs. First, try not to order more than three months’ worth of Viagra at once. That means up to 24 tablets or fewer. Any amount larger than that is considered to have high retail potential and, therefore, is more likely to arouse suspicion at the customs. Second, if you feel you just have to order more than the amount stated above, make sure you have your prescription in place, as you will most probably have to show it to the customs people to get your order cleared. Simple? Indeed it is, just don’t forget about it, alright?

Buying Viagra online from a foreign pharmacy vs. buying from a US-based store: the routine

As you might have already understood from the paragraphs above, buying Viagra online from a pharmacy located in the United States is anything but simple. There are too many steps that you have to take, which makes all the convenience usually associated with online shopping become questionable. Still, even in spite of all that hassle with the prescription and the numerous rides you will have to take between your doctor’s office and the pharmacy, there are a few advantages that online shopping has to offer. First, you get to compare all the prices from the majority of drugstores in just a couple of clicks when you’re shopping online. How long would it take you to find the best price if you just went riding from one brick-and-mortar pharmacy to another and comparing all the price tags? At least a few days, for sure. Moreover, buying your ED pills online still gives you more privacy than buying them the regular way – if your pharmacy is caring enough, you might even be able to get your Viagra from the drive-through window, which reduces the risk of running into someone you know at the pharmacy to minimal.

When you are ordering Viagra from abroad, however, you’re spared from all the hassle. In most of the cases you won’t be asked for any papers whatsoever. How come? Well, it’s just that Viagra is no longer considered to be a prescription drug in many countries of the world, so online pharmacies based in those countries are simply acting under the current legislation when they sell this ED med over the counter. Of course, there are still quite a few countries that regulate the sales of Viagra more strictly but… In most of the cases a scanned image of your prescription or a brief chat with an online consultant would be enough to get you your Viagra. After that all you’ve got left to do is specify the amount that you need to purchase (don’t forget about the maximum 3-month batch suggestion), state your address, pay for your order and… Wait for it to be delivered – straight to your very door.

How do you save money when you buy Viagra online?

Okay, so we see that purchasing Viagra on the Web obviously makes it cheaper than in your local land-based pharmacy. However, what can we do in order to make sure we’re getting this pill at the lowest possible price? This is exactly what this part of the current article is dedicated to – read on, it’s very interesting and useful!

The very first and most widespread trick that you need to learn when you buy Viagra online is just super-simple: use discount coupons! Unlike regular tear-off and cut-out paper coupons that you can only run into by chance, digital discount coupons are perfectly searchable. Just a few minutes of googling and you will have a chance to get your Viagra with a discount of 20%, 30%, 50% or even more! Some of those digital coupons will even work in brick-and-mortar drugstores as well, so if you still don’t feel you’re ready to take your shopping for ED meds online, searching for discounts on the Net might still be a good idea.

Another awesome thing that we really recommend you to try is real-time price comparison. There are tons of meta-search sites on the Web, all offering you a chance to find whatever you need at the lowest price you can imagine. It’s absolutely no surprise that price search and comparison sites specializing in online pharmacies do exist too! We can’t recommend you one, unfortunately, as the majority of them are location-specific, i.e. monitor the market of one particular country only. However, we bet finding one won’t be too hard – all it takes is a few seconds of googling.

Viagra looks too expensive even after you have found the cheapest shop out there and even activated your discount coupon? Well, why don’t you try some of its countless generics then? Contrary to popular belief, most of sildenafil-based ED meds by alternative manufacturers are anything but inferior to the original Viagra. They work just as fine, they have exactly the same concentration of sildenafil and exactly the same effect (and, unfortunately, side effects)… And still they cost up to 10 times cheaper than brand-name Viagra! Just make sure you’re buying a reliable medication from a well-known supplier and that’s it – you should be perfectly fine using them generics.

And one more thing for dessert… You sure like your Viagra cheap, don’t you? Well, what about getting it absolutely for free then? We’re not kidding – there are at least two ways to get them blue pills without spending even a single cent of your money! The first of these is surprisingly simple: all you need to do is go to the official website of Viagra and download the free trial coupon from there! This coupon will give you 3 free pills of Viagra and 30% off your second prescription. Gotta grab this one! And the second way is about just as easy. Most online pharmacies (especially those specializing in generics) will throw in a few extra pills with every batch that you purchase. Well, yeah, we know that it’s not 100% free but still it’s something that can save you a lot of money.

Viagra: buy online without any risks

Okay, so now we know how to get Viagra cheap. But what about doing it 100% safe? That is also very easy – but only if you remember to follow another couple of very simple rules. We have already said that you should take some time choosing the right online pharmacy – now let’s look at this process a little more closely.

Every good online pharmacy has got tons of background information about it waiting for you on the Internet. Entries in various drugstore directories (most of them complete with quality ratings), customers’ feedback left on various forums and message boards, full-size articles on review sites… The list of different information sources that you can use to check the pharmacy you’re planning to buy Viagra from is virtually endless! Don’t be lazy – take a brief look at a few of them. After all, you’ve got your money, health and time at stake, so you’d better not risk these.

There’s also an additional way of testing how reliable your pharmacy is – a shockingly simple one, by the way. You will probably be surprised to hear this but there’s one thing that most fake online pharmacies have in common: they don’t state any addresses or phone numbers on their contacts pages. The pharmacy you’re planning to buy from has a street address, a phone number and maybe even the name of the head pharmacist stated in the contacts? Well, you’re lucky then – it’s a trustworthy one. Yeah, you can also check that address in Google Street View just to be super-sure but in most cases that’s not even necessary.

So, hope that the time you spent reading this article wasn’t spent in vain – now you know how to buy Viagra online, how to save money when doing that and what precautions to take if you want to make your shopping experience a totally flawless one. That’s all folks – now it’s time to go out into the World Wide Web and get yourself some Viagra, right?